The Cat's Pyjamas performing at the Elvis theme night

Sometimes we get together for a really big night (or afternoon) of music at the Newport Bowls Club.

Theme Nights

Our Theme Nights have become increasingly popular - we choose a theme e.g. "Duets" or "Elvis songs" and invite all and sundry to get up and do a song or two.


We run regular Singalong nights too. Sometimes we book a performer or band as a special treat. Past performers have included Shane Howard, Braemar, Harmaniax, Nick Charles and Paul Wookey. Watch the online calendar for coming LIve@Newport events.


Tickets at door. Entry is $12 or $8 for members.

Meals are available, drinks at bar prices.

Email updates

To receive email updates about Live@Newport events, Subscribe to our email updates . If you're already on our email list, it will prompt you to "update your profile". Follow the instructions to add your email to the Live@Newport list.

Resources for performers

In keeping with our aim to build our members' performance skills, here are some resources.

Guidelines for performers

Rehearse, engage, support yourself and others - a short summary of the practicalities and philosophy of being a performer.

View and print guidelines.

Advice on performing from Happy Traum

A detailed article by folk legend Happy Traum. Lots of practical tips and some deeper thoughts on what it means to be a performer.

Read/download article on Homespun music website.

Single-mike technique

At the last few Live@Newport events we've used the single 'bluegrass' microphone setup (Technically, a large-diaphragm condenser mike, the "Edwina" from Ear Trumpet Labs.)

It's a different technique from the usual 'one mike each' setup and some performers are still not getting the best out of it.

We took this video of UK bluegrass band Flats and Sharps at the National Folk Festival in 2017. These guys have the single-mike technique down to a fine art. Check it out!