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Original songs always receive an extra warm welcome at our events, and over the years we've run several activities designed to actively encourage and develop the skills of budding (and experienced) songwriters. This is mostly due to the efforts of Greg Jenkins, who ran our first attempt, The Incredibly Supportive Songwriting Group for a while, before moving on to an occasional series of projects that have focused on an intensive songwriting workshop, followed by a period for the songwriters to craft their songs, and then a performance to showcase their results.

2022 songwriting project

The 2022 songwriting project added an extra step; songwriters had the opportunity to record their songs. You can listen to the songs below.


Geoff Forbes

Information on this song coming soon.


Playing From Memory

Greg Hammond

This song is about how we use memories, pictures, dream life, and imaginings to hold people close.  Andrew McSweeney's workshop invitation was to start a song from scratch and see where it led us. I started with noodled guitar melody and let the lyrics take form around it.  Thanks to Martin Case for his musical arrangement, mixing and mastering.

Greg H.jpg

Swimming in Her Stream

Carman Parsons

I wrote it during the first lockdown when I was missing my family in  Qld, and remembering my Grandmother's gifts to me (the joys of swimming  and music), and reminiscing about the creek I played in as a kid. Here is a photo of my Grandmother diving as a young woman and one of me  canoeing down that creek a couple of years ago and the water hole I swam in.

Doreen diving.jpg

It Never Leaves You

Dharma Picking

I dedicate this to anyone who has lost someone and is missing them dreadfully.


Smelling Flowers

Del Ray

This song arose out of an exercise in writing to a deadline. My only thoughts at the time were focused on deadline, so I wrote a song about writing to a deadline, albeit cloaked in oblique terminology. It has a feel and flow quite unlike my usual offerings and has created another musical opportunity to explore.


Kiss Your Baby

Megan Slattery

Information about this song coming soon.

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